MWC 2008: Texas Instruments showing off Google's Android TODAY! And a prototype handset…


texas-instruments-google-android-phone.jpgGood old Texas Instruments, which isn’t just there for the boring things in life like calculators, is revealing its Google Android software developments at the Mobile World Congress. Which is happening today. It’s happening RIGHT NOW, in fact.

Texas Instruments will also be demonstrating an Android-powered handset based on its OMAP850 processor – a clever little multi-core chip for mobile devices that also includes Wilreless LAN and Bluetooth tech as standard. TI’s prototype Google Phone will allow “one button access” to stuff like your web browser, email and no doubt the omnipresent Google Maps.

Also apparently showing off Android work-in-progress devices and “solutions” at the show today are ARM, Marvell, Qualcomm, NEC and ST Microelectronics.

No doubt Susi will be along with a video of some of them later. She better had be, or there’ll be trouble. Keep F5-ing, people. We’ll see what Google’s about to unleash on the world very, very soon.

(Via Reuters)

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