The LiMo Foundation announces Platform Release 1, available at end of 2008


We haven’t heard much about the LiMo Foundation in recent weeks, it appears the Mobile World Congress sparked a few stories regarding Linux-based software platform, then all went quiet on the western front.

Until today, when news reached me claiming the Foundation has announced the LiMo Platform Release 1, which has been tested in handsets available commercially. It will be available later this…

MWC 2008: Samsung hedges its bets with both Google Android and Linux-based LiMo handsets

Clever sods. Instead of just banking on one format, they’re hedging their bets and developing handsets for both Google’s Android and the LiMo Foundation, with some Linux-based handsets. They must’ve learnt their fence-sitting ways recently with their HD DVD/Blu-ray multi-players.

Unveiled today, the Linux-based SGH-i800 handset is powered by the LiMo mobile OS, although little more is known on it than that. As for the Android-based models…

MWC 2008: Will the LiMo Foundation pip Google's Android to the open-source post?

The LiMo Foundation looks set to be a major thorn in Google’s Android side, with a couple of major announcements tipped to occur at MWC.

For those unfamiliar with the LiMo Foundation, it’s an alliance of manufacturers formed over a year ago, which has the same common aim as the Open Handset Alliance spearheaded by Google, of creating open mobile software platforms.

“[LiMo] is a very practical initiative, but also a deeply philosophical one, based upon the belief that openness in handsets delivers value to consumers,” Morgan Gillis, LiMo’s executive director, said recently about the alliance, which includes massive manufacturers such as Motorola…