Kevin Rose claims Apple will price the 3G iPhone at $200, or £100


Kevin Rose, iPhone evangelist (pictured, with his cracked handset), has predicted yet another iPhone-shaped rumour. When he last quoted his ‘sources’ he speculated about the addition of a second camera for video-calling, but now he is dead sure Apple will debut a low-end model for $200, or £100.

Sure to throw salt into the open wound of all first-gen iPhone owners, if Apple were to release a low-end version of the iPhone, or just price the new 3G model at $200, it would result in fewer sales of the iPod Touch, as customers would deem the iPhone a better choice…

20 things I learnt from Le Web 3.0 in Paris: VCs aren't spending, everyone has a video site and no one loves Facebook anymore


If you have been lurking about on Techdigest in the last week or so you’ll know that a few of us have been in Paris at the Le Web 3.0 show. It is the one time of the year when a small part of the French capital morphs into a mini Silicon Valley with lots of entrepreneurs, VCs, web gurus, bloggers and assorted hangers on listening to key note speeches from internet superstars and networking like crazy over radioactive coffee.