Kevin Rose claims Apple will price the 3G iPhone at $200, or £100

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kevin-rose-iphone.jpgKevin Rose, iPhone evangelist (pictured, with his cracked handset), has predicted yet another iPhone-shaped rumour. When he last quoted his ‘sources’ he speculated about the addition of a second camera for video-calling, but now he is dead sure Apple will debut a low-end model for $200, or £100.

Sure to throw salt into the open wound of all first-gen iPhone owners, if Apple were to release a low-end version of the iPhone, or just price the new 3G model at $200, it would result in fewer sales of the iPod Touch, as customers would deem the iPhone a better choice.

Expected to be announced on June the 9th at the WWDC event in San Francisco, it’s bound to lure in many more customers if Rose is proved correct. But then, look at his prediction in 2007 that the as then unreleased first-gen model would contain a slide-out qwerty keypad…

(via iPhonic)

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