The Ergo Bike Premium 8i exercise bike better be worth the cash

Health, Transport

exercisebike4.jpg This Ergo Bike Premium 8i exercise bike is all well and good in theory, but we all know that after a week’s enthusiastic cycling in front of The Family Guy and Scrubs reruns, it’ll start to gather dust in the corner, until it’s relocated to the back garden where it’ll be glanced at, considered, and then passed over for a plate of pasta.

The Ergo Bike Premium 8i allows users to talk to other riders using the same bike via VoIP, ride along virtual courses, plus inform you of your heart rate like most exercise bikes do these days. But, it goes one step further, and will detail you on your friends’ heart rates as well, so you know who’s slacking off and is actually eating a burger at the same time. $3,500 seems very steep, but for good health, and the opportunity to rib your slacker friends, it’s probably worth the loan you’ll need to take out from the bank.


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Katherine Hannaford
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