Facebook application iLike poses threat to MySpace

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facebook-ilike.jpg Someone get Rupert Murdoch on the phone quick-smart! It appears that the Facebook application iLike has surpassed MySpace in regards to the number of fans/friends individual musicians have.

By far the most popular application on the social-networking site, iLike has eight million users on Facebook, with about 10% of that number using the application each day. Artists such as Kayne West and Nickelback reportedly have a vast number of fans on the app, far more than on MySpace. People with way too much time on their hands, like social researcher Danah Boyd, claim this is due to huge socio-economic differences between Facebook and Myspace users, with different types of artists being blatantly more popular on iLike rather than Facebook. It appears the more mainstream the band, the more popular they are on iLike as opposed to Facebook, with underground indie acts having bigger followings on the News Corp-owned MySpace. All very bad news for MySpace, as most of the artists who have advertising deals with the site are actually more popular on the rival site, Facebook.

(via Venture Beat)

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