The Mitsubishi i MiEV SPORT – solar powered concept car


mitsubishi-imiev-solar-car.jpgOne of three new concept cars Mitsubishi’s got lined up for the Tokyo Motor Show, the all-electrified i MiEV SPORT has a 200km range thanks to packing a better Li-ion battery than the standard i MiEV.

The big feature is the solar panel on the roof – although don’t go expecting free motoring. After a whole week left out in the sun, the i MiEV SPORT can only charge its battery by a pretty useless 10 percent. What is clever, though, is the two hidden turbines inside the front panel, which add a charge to the battery using wind power while you’re braking.

Now about that name. No way would we consider buying a car with such a ridiculous iNAME. Change it or don’t release it in Europe. It’ll be a laughing stock.

Via (TechOn!)

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