Solar-powered motorbike from SunRed


solar-bike.jpgSpanish motor-maker SunRed has revealed its concept idea for a solar-powered motorbike.

The snail-like clamshell shape gives the bike 25 square feet of solar panel coverage when parked and charging itself up, which should give it a 12 mile range and a top speed of, er, 30 miles an hour.

The electric motor is stuck right inside the rear axle, saving on transmission friction, and SunRed hopes to start making a working prototype soon. As soon as loads of venture capital companies read all the web coverage this prototype picture has got and bung them over a few million quid.

When/if something like this ever goes on sale, it’ll be perfect for pottering about in city traffic jams while feeling smug over how small your carbon footprint is – a modern state of mind we’re calling “Carbon Smugness”.


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