Toyota Hybrid X Concept hits the showroom



The latest green concept car from Toyota is the Hybrid X, sporting curvy lines that reminded one commenter of Back to the Future. The seats are created with injected foam instead of the usual rubber, providing more comfort and reduced weight, to save fuel. The rear seats also, instead of being a typical bench, are discrete and swivel to let you get a better eyeful of the scenery or have “a more intimate ‘tête-à-tête'”. Laurent Bouzige, who did the interior design, says: “Hybrid X is conceived as a multi-sensory experience. There is a formal style in the shape of the vehicle and the material used but every other reaction is linked to the passengers’ senses of sound, smell, sight and touch through interactive ambience.” Perhaps by that they mean that new-car smell is going to last until the sun burns out. [GT]

Toyota Hybrid X [via Left Lane News]

Gabrielle Taylor
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