Lamborghini Reventon: the million-euro supercar inspired by fighter jets



As you may have gathered, there’s a low-profile little motor show going on in Frankfurt this week. Now, I can’t drive, have no interest in Top Gear, and fear the open road. But I do know a dribbleworthy concept car when I see it. And I see it in Lamborghini’s new Reventon.

Forget about snoresome technical details: it costs a million euros, has a design inspired by fighter jets, only 20 will ever be made, and it’s got a dedicated gauge to track G-forces. It probably turns into a robot and breakdances too if you can find the right button.

What? Oh, that’s Citroens? My mistake. Anyway, the Lambo Reventon launches officially today.

(via Jalopnik)

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  • WOW! I just went to to check out the newest cars at 3:20 eastern time zone in US and saw the car! So I was curious… I searched websites to see if they have heard about it and they did! How do you guys do that so fast!

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