Scosche launch solCHAT solar powered Bluetooth speakerphone

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solCHAT.gifThough it may seem a long way away yet, the Spring sunshine will soon be creeping around the corner. What better way to ring in the warmer seasons then than with this solar-powered Bluetooth speakerphone?

The Scosche-built solCHAT features an integrated solar panel that will soak up the rays into a Lithium-ion battery, storing the energy ready to use for up to a year. A discrete suction cup means that you can pop the hands-free kit on your dashboard, leaving it to bask in the sunshine through your windscreen and allowing you to legally chat and drive.

Kas Alves, Executive Vice President, Scosche Industries comments: “Motorists who use hand-held mobile phones while driving can face a fixed penalty fine of £60 and three points added to their license. The solCHAT solves this problem and helps users lower their impact on the environment at the same time.”

The kit also features voice commands, compatible with many handsets including the iPhone, meaning you can access and call all you contacts hands-free.

The solCHAT costs £59.99, available from .

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  • I love the concept of this phone, and am surprised their haven’t been more solar power options available yet for portable electronics and cellphones.

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