The Digest: Prince quits the internet… and 5 other things people are talking about today

[nextpage title="Next"] Prince deletes Twitter and Facebook accounts | Billboard "Musical genius and admitted Luddite Prince ended his awkward, year-long dalliance with social media on Tuesday. Yes, the Twitter handle for Prince/3rdEyeGirl (his backing band) and his Facebook page are now missing from the internet, gone like a purple motorcycle disappearing into the deep Minneapolis…

Prince covers Radiohead's 'Creep', bans videos being uploaded to YouTube.


Prince, he who took on The Pirate Bay and YouTube last year, has once again waved his anti-piracy colours in the air, by ordering the take-down of videos on YouTube over the weekend of him singing ‘Creep’.

That’s ‘Creep’, made famous by Radiohead. Who still own the copyright of the hit song. Thom Yorke isn’t too bothered by Prince covering their song, describing it as “hilarious”, but is disappointed Prince’s record label NPG has taken the videos down, saying “surely we should block…well, tell him to unlock it. It’s our…song”.

Perhaps Prince was…

Prince and Radiohead both ineligible for Brit Awards nominations due to unorthodox album releases

It appears you really can’t have your cake and eat it too, as Radiohead and Prince are both to be excluded from next year’s Brit Awards in London, due to their album releases online and free with The Daily Mail, respectively.

The criteria for being nominated in the prestigious awards means artists must have had a single or album in the UK top 75 in the past 16 months. Radiohead, releasing In Rainbows online, has not announced the official sales figures…

Prince swears purple murder against The Pirate Bay, sues illegal site in three different countries

prince-pirate-bay.jpgHaving worked his purple magic on YouTube and asked for over 2,000 unauthorised videos to be removed, Prince is now working down his hit list, by targeting The Pirate Bay next.

We heard a few months ago the short purple-clad one had a bee in his Raspberry Beret bonnet about all his music videos being illegally shared on sites such as these, and even Prince-themed products on eBay. Needless to say, he doesn’t just dish out idle threats, that Prince character.

Prince is showing he can walk the walk as well as talk the talk, and has prepared a lawsuit against The Pirate Bay, the renowned…

Prince, Maroon 5, Pink, Simply Red and New Order follow The Beatles' Yellow Submarine Apple iPod collaboration!

img alt=”ipodmashup.jpg” src=”” width=”350″ height=”215″ />
Well, if I were ‘in’ with Steve Jobs and his cronies, that’d be the case, anyway!

My more-than-slightly-dodgy Photoshop of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine iPod last week caused such a furore over the internets, with plenty of sites not only linking to our story, but also pinching the mock-up I created. It got to the point where when Gizmodo linked to us and originally included my ‘mad Photoshop skillzorz’, several readers complained about the quality of the pic, and their Photoshop da Vinci, Jesus Diaz, had to hurriedly create a new one to sate the Apple fanboys’ appetite. I can just imagine the horrified looks on their faces as they realised someone had desecrated their beloved Jesus ‘pod without actually having a graphic design degree. Gasp!

So I thought I’d throw a bit more bleach on your eyes with some more band-themed iPods Apple really should create. Stuff the Beatles’ whole catalogue, who wants…Simply Red’s? Apart from moi?…