RIM BlackBerry sues Motorola over patent infringement, Motorola countersues over…patent infringement

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RIM’s throwing the courtcase Motorola’s way now, after exhausting the legal battle with LG over the similarity of their model names to its own ‘BlackBerry’ branding.

But, it turns out that Motorola has turned the tables on RIM and is counter-suing them. Ouch. RIM claims Motorola is copying their patents and “demanding exorbitant royalties…for patents that Motorola claims are essential to various standards for mobile wireless telecommunications and wireless computing that RIM practices,” including Wi-Fi enabled handsets.

Motorola is however claiming that RIM has infringed on their patents, and filed two lawsuits over the weekend. I’m assuming that the handset in question is the Motorola MOTO Q 9h, which admittedly does look like a BlackBerry.

(via Reuters)

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