Won't SOMEONE put Motorola out of their misery and just buy them already!?

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Motorola has been pulling a lot of those sad faces recently, with reports they’ve seen a huge 33% drop in sales in 2007 compared to 2006, and that they’re seeking a rival manufacturer to take pity on them and buy them out.

LG, however, is not interested in the slightest. Their Mobile CEO, Skott Ahn, claims the company has “never looked to buy” Motorola. Sony Ericsson also claims they’re not considering purchasing Motorola either. The man in my local kebab shop isn’t in the slightest bit interested either, commenting “I can shift more lamb doners in an hour than I would Razr2 handsets. Did you want onion with that?”

Still, Motorola hasn’t given up hope, with analysts speculating that whoever purchases the company will be guaranteed the number one sales position within the United States.

I’ve put together a care package of bundles of soft Kleenex tissues to send to Motorola, I’d suggest you all do the same this week too.

(via MocoNews)

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