ROMANCE IS DEAD: 90% of us will send "Valentine texts" this year

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valentine-text-message.jpgA survey carried out on behalf of text-sex-enabler Orange has revealed that 90% of us will send “romantic” or “saucy” text messages this Valentine’s Day.

As well as being blackmailed by major corporations into feeling guilty and spending loads of money on over-priced pink goods (poor Mrs Cutlack might get a grunt of acknowledgement if she’s lucky this Thursday), we’re also expected to use up our valuable mobile credit sending generic messages of affection as well. Orange had this to say on the shameful situation:

“Getting a card from an anonymous admirer could soon be a thing of the past – modern day cupids are turning to texts to let someone know they care. With picture messaging you can get really creative – or leave it all to the recipient’s imagination…”

That’s clearly someone from Orange ENCOURAGING people to send unsuspecting friends photographs of their genitalia this Valentine’s Day. Disgraceful.

Here’s my mobile number: 07906…

(Via Orange)

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