Daughter of sci-fi author Phillip K Dick may sue Google over Nexus One

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rutger hauer nexus one.jpgThink you’re worked up by Google’s Nexus One phone? Then you should have a chat with Isla Dick Hackett, daughter of sci-fi author extraordinaire Philip K. Dick. She’s pretty worked up too, but for totally different reasons.

Hackett is considering suing Google, claiming that the search company have illegally used the Nexus One name. Nexus One’s are android “replicants” that star in Dick’s “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” novel, and were immortalised in the iconic Bladerunner film.

Hackett is the president of Electric Shepherd Productions which handles licensing of her father’s work. “We were never consulted, no requests were made and we didn’t grant any sort of permissions.” Hackett said. “It’s certainly something we would have been happy to discuss and interested in exploring. They only needed to reach out.”

Maybe Google should have taken a leaf out of Motorola’s book before running with the name. The name of their Droid handset is fully licensed from Star War’s creator George Lucas.

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