CES 2008: Get your hands on The Shaft Wii joystick



Look, I’m British, and I make no bones about being a juvenile man when it comes to things named after willies. Heh, I said bones. Etc etc.

But yes, The Shaft is what this Wii arcade joystick is called. It’s designed to play virtual console games, and is bigger than the official Nintendo model, which its makers reckon makes it better for old-skool beat’em ups.

It’s also got a Turbo Button that you can programme onto each individual button for cheaty purposes. Overline Gaming is the company behind The Shaft, and it comes in Arctic White, Midnight Black and, er, Coral Pink. Best penis-related console controller ever, at least until someone does the decent thing and releases a PS3 Purple-Headed Yoghurt Chucker.

Overline Gaming website

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