HDTV UK's HD DVD / Blu-ray Special Feature: the future, and stuff

Blu-ray, HD DVD

Just when you thought you could settle down for a quiet CES safe in the knowledge that the high definition disc format war was at stalemate for at least another six months or so, Warner go and scrap HD DVD, Toshiba starts crying, and it all goes a bit pear-shaped.

Ever with a finger on the pulse, though, our sister site HDTV UK has leapt into action and provided an up-to-the-minute status report on the state of HD discs and those people and organisations with at least some interest in them.

From consumers (who’ll probably still look at you confused and say “Blu-what?”) to Sony (who’ll make a huge song and dance about how HD DVD has lost). Even China. Oh yeah, and (yawn) Microsoft.

And to cap it all, there are eight reasons why the high definition disc format war IS NOT like the VHS/Betamax one.

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Andy Merrett
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