CES 2008: Toshiba's response to Warner's Blu-ray allegiance, and what it means for the future of HD DVD

CES 2008

In light of the recent announcement that Warner Bros are backing Blu-ray in the high definition format war (and the subsequent cancellation of the HD DVD press conference) it’s no surprise the press packed into the Toshiba press conference this morning to hear what they have to say about the supposed ‘death’ of HD DVD. After a quick intro from Toshiba CEO Akio Ozaka, who stressed he was “suprised by Warner Bros’ announcement”, the ‘lucky’ person who had to face the crowds and defend the format was Jodi Sally, VP of marketing for the Digital A/V department. We got it all on video for you…

Oh yeah, they also launched some new TV’s. Stay tuned for that.

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