2008: The gadgets we couldn't live without

As the lights go out tonight on 2008, we thought we’d reflect back in the year just gone, and pick a few gadgets that we absolutely, positively, couldn’t live without this year. I’ve contributed a couple, and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say it was tough to narrow the list down.

I could have nominated my brilliant Acer Aspire One netbook. I could have nominated my beloved Zune 30 MP3 player (and very nearly did). I probably should at least mention my Victorinox WT messenger bag that goes almost everywhere that I do. However, none of those approach the love that I have for the gadgets that made the list.

See those gadgets, and Dan and Gary’s choices, too, by clicking on my beloved N95 below.

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YouTube Video of the Week: 2008 Roundup


2008’s been an awesome year for silly internet videos, as the compilation from Videogum above proves. There are some crackers missing, but you can rest assured that most of your favourites are present and correct. Now sit back, and let the year flash before your eyes.

(via Videogum)

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Google shows off 2008's top searches


When you’re the world’s biggest Internet search engine, you can be pretty confident that you’re getting a pretty representative sample of what people are searching for online.

Google’s annual Zeitgeist covers a number of topics, showing what the top global searches are. Here’s a few highlights.

Unsurprisingly, US politics played a major role in searches, with Barack Obama, John McCain and Sarah Palin all being searched for, either by name or with “who is” preceding their surname…

Video games set to outsell video and music in the UK this year, thanks to FIFA, GTA and your mum


Huge launches like FIFA 09, GTA IV and Mario Kart Wii have already made 2008 a landmark year for video game sales – and the total cash blown on gaming could out-do music and video for the first time this year.

Projecting a total spend of £4.64bn on video games software and hardware by the end of 2008, Verdict Research says this figure will, for the first time, overtake traditional fun purchases of music and video, which will come in at £4.46bn…

The Pirate Bay has a new enemy – International Olympic Committee asks Swedish government to remove torrents


Here’s another vague threat for The Pirate Bay to laugh in the face of – the International Olympic Committee wants the Swedish piracy-enabler to remove all copyrighted Olympic content from its comprehensive listings.

The IOC has requested assistance from the Swedish government, asking the Minister of Justice to help force the Bay…

A fantastic display of garden sheds, including several outstanding TARDIS designs

We should explain the importance of the garden shed to our international readers. It may smell a bit mouldy, there may only be one uncomfortable folding chair to sit on, and most sheds lack basic utilities like gas, water and electricity. But the shed is the final hiding place for man.

Women won’t go there because it’s cold, children aren’t allowed because it’s dangerous. The shed is the last remaining 6′ x 4′ castle of the Englishman. Which is why some crazy men spend so much time modifying their sheds to look like the TARDIS. If you’re going to spend six hours a day in a shed, it may as well be a cool shed.


This stunning selection comes from Readers Sheds (best idea ever), which is currently running its Shed of the Year 2008…

Google says Android development is proceeding as was foreseen – 2008 release IS ON


It seems like – and actually was – just yesterday that the internet, even this bit of it, was thrown into chaos by a boring old business report suggesting that Google’s much-wanted Android mobile OS stood between ZERO and F-ALL chance of coming out in 2008.

Well. It is. It really is. Google itself issued a statement on the web-sweeping Android delay rumours last night, a statement we’re only too happy to copy & paste into this here web browser for your information.

“We are on schedule and we’re very excited to see the momentum continuing to build behind the Android platform among carriers, manufacturers, developers and consumers…

Apple revealing tablet device at WWDC?


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off this year on June 9, and every Mac fan is already suffering sleepless nights and moist dreams over what gadget Steve Jobs may pull out of his trousers this time.

Today’s rumour is centred around Apple’s showing at WWDC and the current iPhone drought. If the 3G iPhone hits before June as these current shortages suggest, what will Steve flop out at Apple’s premier tech showcase in June?

Apparently, according to MacRumours, it’s going to be a multitouch-powered tablet computer. Apple itself called WWDC a “landmark event” – so it clearly thinks it’s got something decent…