Apple announces WWDC08 dates: "a landmark event"

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Apple yesterday sent out invitations to this year’s World Wide Developers Conference, claiming that it will be “A landmark event. In more ways than one”.

Now, despite this being a boring conference for developers, not consumers, Apple events always seem to get people speculating.

Are the two bridges separating or converging? Do they represent the Mac and the iPhone? Possibly, though there are three tracks being offered at the Conference.

We shouldn’t be expecting new products at the show, though there will be a keynote address from Steve Jobs — likely on Monday 9th June. It will probably involve fairly geeky, technical stuff that most of us need not worry about. However, it could coincide quite nicely with the official launch of the iPhone applications store.

As always, we’ll keep you updated with the latest rumours and news as it happens. WWDC08 runs from 9th to 13th June.

Apple WWDC 08

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  • I saw somewhere a kind of Macbook Touch, where the base of some sort of Macbook Air is made of glass (Which closed would work as a touch interface on top of the actual screen. Is this true? Does anyone have any news or rumors about future reveals of the WWDC08?

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