The Roland Edirol R-09HR MP3 player – proof MP3 players DID exist in the 1970s

MP3 players

roland-edirol-mp3-player-24-bit.jpgSilver buttons? Chunky grey plastic? Product name that sounds like a pesticide the government banned in the 1950s after finding it led to babies being born with more than the usual number of heads?

Yes, all of those, packed into the super-ugly form-factor of the updated Roland Edirol high-end music player.

Despite the not-even-retro-cool looks, the Edirol R-09HR’s feature set is bang on for 2008 – it plays and records 24-bit audio for all you buffs out there in techno-land, can have its memory capacity boosted with SD cards, comes with a remote control and has a little onboard speaker for “rocking” your “parties.”

If you always keep your MP3 player in your bag or safely hidden from view in a pocket, it would do.

(Via Dvice)

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