Panic stations: No iPhones left in US or UK


empty_warehouse.jpgThe Apple stores in both the US and the UK are now officially listing the 8GB and 16GB models of iPhone as out of stock. In the past couple of weeks the Carphone Warehouse and O2 have each been running low on stock of the reduced price 8GB model, but it seems that iPhone drought has spread out to include the larger 16GB models as well.

Right now, the only possible way to secure yourself an iPhone is to take a bit of 2×4 to an investment banker type outside Bond Street tube station. Or, y’know, eBay.

While panic grips the two English-speaking iPhone nations Apple is using this starved fervour to pave the way for a newer handset model with a 3G connection and which will make the people who bought the first device feel like such a bunch of ancient dinosaurs.

Unfortunately, although we expect the 3G iPhone to be announced pretty darn soon, there’s no real guarantee that the new handset will arrive immediately following Steve Job’s inevitable announcement. Well, it probably will in the US. Here we may have to wait till September or something as the iPhone cargo ponderously makes its way across the Atlantic. Via Barbados.

While annoying that is unfortunately often the way of these things and only a real pain if you’ve been holding out waiting for your contract to end before getting the new handset. So if, for example, your contract is just ending now, then you’re too late to get an EDGE iPhone and too early to get a 3G one. In which case it sucks to be you, and, err, me. Bastards.

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  • Or you could take out an o2 simplicity contract with no minimum term and a very good deal and keep your current handset! (as I’m doing cause I’m too early.. bastards!)

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