O2 may or may not be selling 16GB iPhone, depending on when you visit their website


iphone_3g.jpgYesterday, O2’s web site claimed that it had no iPhones left in stock — not even the heftily-priced 16GB model.

Today, it seems, the 16GB is still available, even though “officially” it isn’t.

According to PC Advisor, O2 has “confirmed reports that the iPhone is not currently available anywhere in the UK” — that’ll be everywhere except the Apple Store, presumably, who are still merrily selling 8GB and 16GB iPhones with next-day delivery.

Though the Carphone Warehouse hasn’t made any official announcement, a quick scan of their online shop shows that both models are also sold out.

Quite frankly, this shouldn’t bother anyone. Yes, there’ll be precious few iPhones to go around until Apple deems the UK worthy enough to receive a 3G model, but surely everyone who’s ever wanted an iPhone has bought one by now, or is waiting for the souped-up version.

At least Greenpeace shouldn’t complain (too much) as there won’t be stockpiles of old iPhones cluttering up landfill sites when iPhone Mark Two arrives.

(Via PC Advisor)

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Andy Merrett
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