SPY SHOT: New iPhone back cover black and matte?


If these leaked spy shots, supposedly from China, are to be believed, then the back cover of the next version of the iPhone 3G will be black and matte. If you’re the kind of person with greasy fingers, then that’ll make you very happy.

The same source leaked an accurate back cover of last year’s iPhone months before its release, so there’s every reason to believe that this is real. On the other hand, though, it’s rather early to be seeing an Apple product that’s widely expected to show up in June.

Sony prepping touch screen, wi-fi, 16 and 32GB WALKMAN-brand media player


Sony is preparing to jump on the touchable media player bandwagon, according to sources, with an all singing, all dancing, all touching PMP set to be unveiled at this coming January’s Consumer Electronic Show tech binge.

The WALKMAN-badged player will, so some bloke on the internet told some other bloke on the internet, have a 3″ OLED screen for super-nice colour reproduction and long enough battery life to watch…

Will Apple limit iPhone 3G in UK as punishment for unlocking, and why should they care?


According to inside sources in the mobile retail industry, Apple is planning to limit sales of the iPhone 3G in the UK because it’s pissed off (that’s the technical term, you understand) with Brits unlocking and doing naughty things with it.

Statistics suggest that only 15% (that’s around one in six) of the first generation iPhones sold in the UK were activated for use on the O2 network. The rest were either unlocked for use on other British networks or were sold on abroad…

O2 may or may not be selling 16GB iPhone, depending on when you visit their website


Yesterday, O2’s web site claimed that it had no iPhones left in stock — not even the heftily-priced 16GB model.

Today, it seems, the 16GB is still available, even though “officially” it isn’t.

According to PC Advisor, O2 has “confirmed reports that the iPhone is not currently available anywhere in the UK” — that’ll be everywhere except the Apple Store, presumably, who are still merrily selling 8GB and 16GB iPhones with next-day delivery…