Rumours mount of 16GB UK iPhone going on sale today


16gb-iphone-uk.jpgAnd as usual, the rumours all seem to lead back to some grainy spy images allegedly snapped by an Apple Store staffer, which could just be a canny Photoshop job.

However, that hasn’t stopped the rumours spreading, so in a nutshell, here’s the gist: Apple will start selling a 16GB iPhone from 1.30pm today in the UK, and it’ll cost £329. The speculation has been fuelled by the fact that at the time of writing, the US Apple Store is down for an update.

Yes, I’m thinking what you’re thinking. If it’s going on sale in the UK, why isn’t the UK store down? And it isn’t. Still, you know how us bloggers get when there’s a sniff of a surprise Apple announcement, so I’ll reserve judgement until 1.30pm. Watch this space…

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Stuart Dredge
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