Zap screens without mercy with the TV-B-Gone gun



We have to admit, we were shocked and outraged when Gizmodo spent CES zapping TV screens on stands with their TV-B-Gone clickers. Mainly because they thought of the idea before us.

But next time, we’re turning up with a TV-B-Gone gun, assuming we can get it through security. It was made by a poster on the Hacked Gadgets forum, because their basic model was “not always strong enough to reach the TV of your neighbor”. Now that’s community minded.

Anyway, they made the gun using 30 IR LEDs, an SMD FET and a pinhead connector (no, I don’t know what the latter two are either). There’s also the “lens out of an old beamer” and a PVC tube to make it gunlike, as well as some black paint. Genius. If these aren’t for sale on Firebox by Christmas, there’s no justice in the world.

TV-B-Gone Gun

Stuart Dredge
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