Sony prepping touch screen, wi-fi, 16 and 32GB WALKMAN-brand media player

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sony-ces-walkman-announcement.jpgSony is preparing to jump on the touchable media player bandwagon, according to sources, with an all singing, all dancing, all touching PMP set to be unveiled at this coming January’s Consumer Electronic Show tech binge.

The WALKMAN-badged player will, so some bloke on the internet told some other bloke on the internet, have a 3″ OLED screen for super-nice colour reproduction and long enough battery life to watch series one of Billie Piper’s Secret Diary of a Call Girl in one euphoric sitting, a custom embedded YouTube client that’ll hook in automatically via any nearby wi-fi slot, plus a web browser – and more.

Or it could be a lie. That’s a very real possibility. We’ve read lies before on the internet. We’ll see. 2009’s CES starts on January 8, and Tech Digest will be there to camcorder anything with an LED on it.

(Via Sony Insider)

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