Samsung reveals huge memory module


There have been rumours that Samsung would be unveiling the world’s biggest memory module ever since they started shipping their 4GB DDR3 memory chip earlier this year.

Those rumours have proved correct with the launch of the 32GB DDR3 memory module. The record breaking module is aimed at the servers market.

The 1.35-volt module consists of 72 50-nm 4GB memory chips which are set on nine quad-die packages on each side of the module.

No news of a price just yet – but expect it to be fairly substantial.

(via Hexus)

Nokia N97 possibly gets release date – 31st March


There’s a lot of people out there, myself included, eager for the N97, hoping it’ll be a valid rival from Nokia to the omnipresent iPhone. Well, perhaps there isn’t too long to wait after all, given that over the weekend, put up a pre-order page for Nokia’s next flagship device. In fact, it’s still up at the time of writing.

That page confidently claims that the N97 will arrive on the 31st March, and cost the princely sum of £480 sim- and contract-free, and unlocked. There’s some specs too – I’ve listed them over the jump. Now… any advice on how to scrape together £480 by the end of March? Answers in the comments please.

Sony prepping touch screen, wi-fi, 16 and 32GB WALKMAN-brand media player


Sony is preparing to jump on the touchable media player bandwagon, according to sources, with an all singing, all dancing, all touching PMP set to be unveiled at this coming January’s Consumer Electronic Show tech binge.

The WALKMAN-badged player will, so some bloke on the internet told some other bloke on the internet, have a 3″ OLED screen for super-nice colour reproduction and long enough battery life to watch…

Panasonic racing SanDisk to the 32GB SDHC memory card prize

The ‘world’s first’ 32GB SDHC memory card has been given a launch date of April, with more details confirmed.

Panasonic claims it’ll have the fastest SDHC speed classification of 6, can store 12 hours of HD video at 1440 x 1080i, four hours of 1902 x 1080i and 12,320 10-megapixel photos.

SanDisk is also launching a 32GB SDHC card in April, however it’s got a read/write…

SanDisk announces deets of their 32GB SDHC memory card – Flickr petrified

sandisk-32GB.jpgIt’s fairly dry to start off with a story about an SDHC memory card, but when you hear the news below, you might just self combust with happiness. I know I already have – I’m writing this from my grave.

32GB! 32GB of storage on an SDHC card! SanDisk today announced the full details of their new addition to the reputable Ultra II range of memory cards, first mentioned at the end of last year. With a read/write rate of up to…