AKG headphones range – treats for your ears from a tenner to a tonner

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Those purchasing pods, players and PDAs for Christmas may like to think about picking up some of these headphones from AKG. They range from £6.99 to £99.99 depending upon how much you love them/yourself after you receive a device with some terrible audio out ear-scratchers.

As part of the Harman Kardon group you can pretty much guarantee solid quality whichever you choose as well as some audio porn shots on their website and a collection of particularly silly colour names such as Milk, Grasshopper, Pebble Black and Haemophiliac Red (one of these is not true).

I’ve painstakingly assembled them into gallery format for your pleasure and actually, I think they rather deserve it – very pretty indeed. Click on the 309s below to begin.

Daniel Sung
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