Eee PC 4G hacked – man adds 16GB "hard drive" and Bluetooth


eee-pc-hack-16gb-bluetooth.jpgThe 16GB hard drive is actually a 16GB Corsair USB memory stick stuck in the Eee PC’s little underside expansion port, and the Bluetooth functionality is the internal bits of a Microsoft Bluetooth dongle wedged in in a similar fashion.

The full details of what the nasty man did to the innocent little laptop can be found over at the Eee PC Forum, where he’s built up quite a fan base thanks to his pro-level soldering activities.

It’s a risky game, though. The Eee PC’s a nightmare to get hold of right now. If you have a particular desire to get rid of one you’d be best off putting it on eBay rather than taking it apart and covering the motherboard in solder – Eee PCs are going for upwards of £250 over there right now, a decent profit on the £220 machine.

(Via Eee PC Forum)

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