The Asus Eee PC now comes in green – in Germany, via Taiwan


green-asus-eee-surf.jpgGot yourself an Eee PC yet? The hyper-ultra-mega-portable is this year’s hottest Christmas gadget (among people who’ve already got iPhones), with the £220 mini PC currently setting eBay on fire and raking in a decent profit for anyone who’s got one to flog off.

The Eee PC is pretty much sold out across the world right now. 10,000 have gone in America since launch, you can’t order them anywhere online here – so why the hell is Asus stoking the fires with sexy little alternate colour editions? It can’t even make enough boring white ones to satisfy demand.

This green Eee PC Surf 4G appeared on German eBay and appears to be sourced from Taiwan. And Taiwanese machines sold on German eBay is about the lengths you have to go to if you want an Eee PC right now.

It packs the standard Eee PC spec – 4GB solid-state hard drive, 512MB RAM, wi-fi, the custom Linux OS and the small-but-lovely 7″ screen. And the Eee PC is one laptop you shouldn’t worry about ordering online, even if it has to get sent halfway round the globe – it’s astonishingly sturdy and tough for its bargain price.

(via i4U)

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