ASUS denies 10-inch Eee PC reports as OS X Leopard squeezes onto 7-inch model

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asus-eee-10-inch.jpgI could rhapsodise for hours about the new ASUS Eee PC, and I will in my full review early next week. But suffice to say I’m sold on the pint-sized Linux laptop’s charms. So are plenty of other people, judging by the blogosphere buzz.

However, it seems reports of a follow-up 10-inch Eee are premature, with ASUS denying them with a flat “there are no plans for 10-inch at the moment” comment. However, that obviously leaves the way open for just such a model if they change their minds.

Elsewhere, people have been seeing just what the £219 Eee is capable of if you push it. Someone reckons they’ve installed OS X Leopard on it, although I’m a bit dubious about the complexity of doing it if you’re not a geek ninja. Nobody, as far as I’m aware, has tried putting Vista on the thing yet…

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