Mitsubishi unveils 140-inch LED screen, but it's not meant for living rooms



Latest news from the willy-waving frontier of consumer technology (i.e. the big-screen telly market): Mitsubishi has taken the wrappers off its Resolia screen. It’s a whopping great 140-inch LED display.

No, it’s not designed to go in your home cinema den. Instead, it’s for indoor signage, like billboard advertising or information screens in airports, shopping centres and casinos. I bet you could buy one if you were rich enough though.

Anyway, it’s got viewing angles of 150 degrees (horizontal) and 120 degrees (vertical), and accepts a whole host of signals, including HD-SDI. Oh, and you can stick it on a wall, or hang it from the ceiling. Expect a rival to come out with a 141-inch LED screen tomorrow just to displace Mitsubishi from the record books.

(via DigiTimes)

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