Rumours of Google planning an incredible unlimited cloud storage service


Whispers around the intertubes would have you believe that Google has something very special planned for this year – unlimited cloud storage. It would mean that if you’ve got a fast enough broadband connection, then you’d no longer need more than a tiny hard drive – everything else could be stored online.

For the record, I don’t think Google’s quite there yet. Even their email product is officially limited, when its competitors’ products aren’t. There’s every chance that we’ll see some sort of limited storage product released by the Goog in 2009 but, well, the ‘unlimited’ label – I just don’t think it can happen yet.

(via ShinyShiny)

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Mobile Phone for a fiver? The Samsung SGH-B130 at Carphone Warehouse


Want a mobile phone for about the same quantity of cash that lunch cost you yesterday? The Samsung SGH-B130 is your man – it costs £5. It boasts a colour screen, vibrating alert and polyphonic ringtones in its features, and it’s described by the Carphone Warehouse, who are selling it, as “surprisingly light and slim”.

It’s got a USB port, too, and WAP and GPRS, but there’s no camera, music player, or touchscreen. You’ll need to add £10 of credit to get the price down to £5, but even so, for the market it’s aimed at, this is a great deal.

Carphone Warehouse (via ITProPortal)

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Pure launches its EVOKE Mio DAB & FM radio, a coloured-in update of the EVOKE-1S


The Pure EVOKE Mio comes in six “striking” colours – chilli (red?), chocolate (brown?), moss (green?), nicotine (yellow?), candy (pink?) and midnight (black?) – with the leather-esque front of each unit colour-coded so it’s as much fun to look at as listen to. Almost.

One of those colours is fictional, by the way. Can you guess which? That’s today’s FUN QUIZ! The Mio is rechargeable, apparently…

Quantum of Solace product placement update – Ford signs on to promote its new Ka


The imminent 90-minute product advertisement that is Quantum of Solace has just got a little more rammed with unique marketing opportunities, thanks to car-maker Ford signing on to feature its products in the movie-cum-advert.

So as well as whoring himself dry by using a Sony Ericsson C902 to phone HQ every few minutes, Bond will also be looking on approvingly as love interest Camille rolls up in a gold Ford Ka…

Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60 Limited Edition mobile phone for seriously rich fools

Upset that you and your moneybags missed out on the £280,000 INCOGNITO watch? More money than style and sense, and really feel like splashing out a few thousand today? Meet the latest mobile phone by Vertu, made in collaboration with Ferrari – the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60 Limited Edition, for Google traffic’s sake.

It was only a few months ago they put out the previous Ferrari model, the Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition, but this latest one is to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the car company, and even more exclusive than its predecessor, with only sixty being made. Inspired by the Ferrari 612…