Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60 Limited Edition mobile phone for seriously rich fools

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Upset that you and your moneybags missed out on the £280,000 INCOGNITO watch? More money than style and sense, and really feel like splashing out a few thousand today? Meet the latest mobile phone by Vertu, made in collaboration with Ferrari – the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60 Limited Edition, for Google traffic’s sake.

It was only a few months ago they put out the previous Ferrari model, the Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition, but this latest one is to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the car company, and is even more exclusive than its predecessor, with only sixty being made. Inspired by the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, it’s packin’ a whole bunch of Ferrari wallpapers and ringtones, and is made from titanium. Not only that, purist car lovers, but the screws used in the mobile are the very same used on Ferrari cars, as well as the exact same leather. Phwroar!

The car-shaped fun doesn’t stop there, oh no, it also comes with a Vertu Aerius bluetooth headset and a handy calve from a Ferrari F1 car. Perfect for thumping muggers over the head with when they spy you using your several-thousand-pound mobile outside a kebab shop.

Vertu (via Sybarites)

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