Rich idiot buys INCOGNITO 2008 watch for £280,000 – without even seeing it


incognito-2008-watch.jpgThe recent ‘Only Watch’ auction in Monaco saw a one-off watch sell for an obscene amount of cash – and buyers weren’t even allowed to see it.

The ludicrously high-concept INCOGNITO 2008 watch was created by the House of DeWitt along with architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, who have the balls to describe the project as “an exceptional horological creation and authentic machine of future time.”

That must mean it has a stopwatch and calculator. The watch, which isn’t even finished yet, is scheduled to be unveiled in January of 2008. They really are making a bit too much of a fuss about this whole thing.

Via (Born Rich, with the full, amazingly pretentious press release available here)

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Gary Cutlack
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