Aston Martin's Jaeger LeCoultre watch/car key


aston_martin_watch.jpgSorry about this. We’re about to make you feel poor and envious of F1 drivers’ salaries by mentioning a watch that costs $35,000.

Not only is it a bit expensive, you almost certainly won’t be able to use its most impressive feature – it can unlock and start Aston Martin’s new DBS motor.

You don’t have to feel too envious, mind, as the watch is only made available to buyers of the £165,000 supercar. No disrespect intended, but that’s unlikely to be any of us lot here.

It comes in rose gold (Argos catalogue number 543/2345) or grade five titanium (543/2346). We’ll wait for the £5 market stall fake, thanks.

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Gary Cutlack
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