The Lightning GT – an electric car you wouldn't be ashamed to be seen in


lightning-electric-car-front.jpgWhile electric car buffs are a bit busy getting excited about the upcoming Tesla Roadster, British based Lightning Car Company has come out with a blinding little sporty concept of its own.

The Lightning GT’s stats are amazing – 0-60 in four seconds, a top speed of 130mph and a bleeding-edge new kind of ‘NanoSafe’ battery they reckon reaches a full charge in only 10 minutes – and will last for 12 years. It even comes with a “programmable external engine sound generator” if you prefer a car that sounds like a car, rather than an old person’s mobility scooter.

Reservations are being taken now for delivery in 2008. And expect them to be expensive – you need £50k just for the deposit.

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Gary Cutlack
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