Sony's NW-S710F and NW-S610F Walkman MP3 players

MP3 players

NW-S710F.jpgTwo new non-iPods are coming out from Sony under its Walkman badge. The 710F is the fanciest one, coming with built-in support for its supplied noise cancelling headphones, which actually gives this Sony player a reason to exist – unlike the rest of Sony’s puzzlingly wide range of portable players.

The 610F has everything but noise cancelling. Both have FM radios for shamelessly stealing free music right out of the air, can play back MP4 videos on their 1.8″ screens, and come in white, pink, blue, red, and a very smart dark grey they probably call something fancy like Moondust Grey.

Both players are flash based (that’s what the ‘F’ stands for), coming with a maximum of 8MB for putting your ironic 80s selection on.

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