Get an early look at the new Sony Rolly Walkman

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Well, you might not be able to any more, since the site in question appears to have stopped working – on my browsers at least. But earlier today, Sony appeared to have launched a new microsite for its Rolly Walkman, which we wrote about last week.

Digital World Tokyo has a screengrab of the site and info, including the appearance on the site of words like ‘shuffle’ and ‘small’, which implies Rolly might be taking on the iPod Shuffle, rather than the full-blown iPod.

There’s also a competition to win tickets to a Rolly party on September 10th, which gives a strong hint about the device’s launch date, in Japan at least. I’m undecided whether an egg-shaped player with motion detection is genius or gimmick, but hopefully Sony will cough up some more details soon to help figure it out.

Rolly-show website (via Digital World Tokyo)

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  • At least I am exited about the whole concept! In spite of a lot of criticism, I like the campaign site as well. Definitely the right way to arouse curiosity!

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