The all-singing, all-dancing Sony Rolly gets new colours in Japan – before we even see one!


In addition to the original white Rolly, Sony has announced a black shade to match your black, black heart. Although heaven knows what an angst-ridden music fan like you is doing with a dancing MP3 player!

In addition to the black colour, or lack thereof, there’ll also be some new speaker covers, in tones of red, blue and silver, as shown above. They’ll apparently cost ¥1,500, or around £7, and for the actual Rolly itself, in…

Top 5 choc-tastic and egg-citing Easter gadgets

IT'S Easter this weekend – so what better way to celebrate than with CHOCOLATE! Yes, it's the one time of the year we can all over-indulge without being accused of pigging out, well, assuming you don't go overboard and raid Woolworths on Monday for all those bargain-basement eggs that didn't sell in time for Easter Sunday.

Not that I've ever done that you understand (but you can get some egg-cedingly cheap deals). Oh no, the puns and jokes have started. Anyway, to help you get in the mood, here's our Tech Digest Top 5 Easter-related gadgets to get you really egg-cited. Sorry…

First video of Sony's Rolly MP3 player hits YouTube

Can Sony ever seize back even a fraction of its former dominance of the portable music market? Apple has done a good job of turning Walkman into a duff brand (well, at least until Sony Ericsson's successful music phones), but Sony is looking to get its MP3 mojo back with Rolly, an innovative new player.

Innovative how? Well, er, it rolls around in time to your music, like a little breakdancing robot. I'd be more sold on the idea if I had a decent coffee table. Nevertheless, Rolly has been creating a stir online with a drip-feed of internetweb leaks. The latest is a video showing it in action – feast your eyes below:

Get an early look at the new Sony Rolly Walkman


Well, you might not be able to any more, since the site in question appears to have stopped working – on my browsers at least. But earlier today, Sony appeared to have launched a new microsite for its Rolly Walkman, which we wrote about last week.

Digital World Tokyo has a screengrab of the site and info, including the appearance on the site of words like ‘shuffle’ and ‘small’, which implies Rolly might be taking on the iPod Shuffle, rather than the full-blown iPod.