First video of Sony's Rolly MP3 player hits YouTube

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Can Sony ever seize back even a fraction of its former dominance of the portable music market? Apple has done a good job of turning Walkman into a duff brand (well, at least until Sony Ericsson’s successful music phones), but Sony is looking to get its MP3 mojo back with Rolly, an innovative new player.

Innovative how? Well, er, it rolls around in time to your music, like a little breakdancing robot. I’d be more sold on the idea if I had a decent coffee table. Nevertheless, Rolly has been creating a stir online with a drip-feed of internetweb leaks. The latest is a video showing it in action – feast your eyes below:

What do you think of Rolly: cool innovation, or silly gimmick? Post your comments to let us know!

(via Akihabaranews)

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