Sony to launch dancing egg-shaped Rolly Walkman?

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Sony’s attempts to refine the Walkman to compete with the iPod have had limited success, so maybe something more radical – like the rumoured Sony Rolly – could do the trick?

The Rolly is rumoured to be a Walkman with integrated speakers and a few dance moves – and it could be announced at the forthcoming IFA trade show in Berlin. However, right now we just have those rumours – which claim the Rolly is an egg-shaped player, capable of carrying out “choreographies”, which means some kind of dance element. That’s something we’ll need to see in action I think (allegedly a video was online, but has since been taken down – the image here is a still from it).

Big success or colossal failure – at least it sounds more interesting than an ever-smaller Walkman.

Sony website

Via Wired

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