Newman unveils K5 media player with two megapixel camera

Cameras, MP3 players, Personal video players

As a media player alone, we might have taken a closer look at the Newman K5. But if you can take snaps too, we’re definitely interested.

Yes, this is a media player with camera, a two megapixel camera apparently, but beyond that, we’re not clear on any other features (like zoom, picture manipulation, video abilities). Things are a lot clearer on the media front, with 1GB to 4GB of storage, 2.4-inch 260,000-color TFT screen, AVI/MP4/SWF video playback and music via MP3/WMA.

It’s been shown off to the Chinese market, but as yet, there’s no price available. I’m sure we’ll hear more about this in the coming weeks.

Via Aving

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