The all-singing, all-dancing Sony Rolly gets new colours in Japan – before we even see one!

MP3 players

colourful-sony-rolly.jpgIn addition to the original white Rolly, Sony has announced a black shade to match your black, black heart. Although heaven knows what an angst-ridden music fan like you is doing with a dancing MP3 player!

In addition to the black colour, or lack thereof, there’ll also be some new speaker covers, in tones of red, blue and silver, as shown above. They’ll apparently cost ¥1,500, or around £7, and for the actual Rolly itself, in Japan they’re ¥40,000 each, which is £200. We still haven’t had confirmation on a UK release date, however I bet Japan will see several more coloured covers before the Western World even sees a single Rolly.

(via Akihabara News)

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Katherine Hannaford
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