Tokyoflash unveils the E35 Geomesh watch: just as crazycool as all the others


tokyoflash-geomesh.jpgI won’t foist the old ‘oh, you can’t tell the time on Tokyo Flash watches’ line on you, since any fule kno that readability isn’t the point. Instead, it’s all about being seen as a timepiece-toting god amongst men (even if you’re always late for meetings).

The E35 Geomesh is the latest one, with a grid of 27 LEDs lighting up to tell the time – you count vertical lights for the hours and horizontal lights for minutes, since you ask. It’ll be available in a brushed Gunmetal finish with a choice of LEDs – white, blue or multicoloured.

How much? 13,900 yen in Japan, which is about £60 to us Brits. Apparently it’s got quite a short strap though, so watch out if you’re afflicted with fat wrists.

E35 Geomesh watch (via OhGizmo!)

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