Shiny Video: Kat looks at the Logitech Harmony universal remote control

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The trouble with writing about consumer electronics all day, every day, is that your brain gets so chocker-block full of information about various products, you often forget if you’ve seen something before, or indeed…shot a video of it nine months previously when it was unveiled at CES. Whoops.

Regardless of my shocking memory, the Harmony remote control from Logitech really is something else entirely, able to control up to twenty different devices, and has 200,000 products already pre-programmed into the database. Out now, it’s £279.

Apologies for the background noise in the above video, the launch event was rather noisy with plenty of people milling around in the background, but definitely worth a look if you’re fascinated by this remote control.

Logitech Harmony universal remote control

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Katherine Hannaford
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