Tokyoflash Japan launches Equalizer BPM watch for DJs


equalizer-bmp.jpgEver wondered why so many DJs keep grabbing the mic to shout ‘DO YA KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?’ to the crowd? Because they’ve forgotten to wear their watch that night, of course. They don’t want to miss the nightbus home, after all.

Tokyoflash Japan’s latest watch will appeal to superstar DJs and bedroom scratchers alike. The Equalizer BPM has a special feature that lets you figure out the BPM (beats per minute) of a song you’re listening to, simply by tapping out its rhythm on the keypad.

It flashes up inspiring DJ messages while doing it (“The roof is on fire!” would worry me, mind), and there’s also a mini-torch to help you pick out records in the dark. The watch is on sale in Japan now for ¥7,900 (about £33).

Equalizer BPM watch (via Plastic Bamboo)

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One thought on “Tokyoflash Japan launches Equalizer BPM watch for DJs

  • what a gimmick…you can use any watch that shows seconds to calculate bpm; I used to do it when djing. just count the number of beats in 10 seconds then multiply by 6 (then maybe subtract 6 from the total).

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