Remio rolls out HC Series dice speakers

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Ever read that book ‘The Dice Man’, about a guy who takes all his major decisions by rolling dice? Well, imagine managing your music listening that way. Roll 3, and you have to play the Beyonce album. Roll 6, and it’s Chemical Brothers for the rest of the afternoon. Roll a 1 and, sorry, it’s The Best Of Rene & Renata for you. No skipping allowed.

Remio’s HC Series won’t do that for you, but it is a die-shaped speaker that doubles up as a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Source, since you ask). You can plug your MP3 player into it to play songs, and even charge the player up if you’re in danger of running out of juice before the climax of ‘Save Your Love For Me’.

Meanwhile, it also protects your PC, laptop or whatever other gadget you like from power surges. A novelty, sure, but a pretty cool one nonetheless.

Remio HC Series (via Japanese Gadgets)

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